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Сhannel for a subwoofer or how physically combine two channels with DSP

Question asked by Ynikoros on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by DaveThib

hello everyone
for my project I want to buy amplifier with DSP (ADAU 1701) by Sure audio. I need 50 W Rms 4 ohm. But it must be ''honest'' 50 W Rms.


There are two possibilities 2 x 50 Watt Class D (4 Ohm, 19V 4.7 A) JAB3-250 and 1x 100 Watt Class D JAB3-1100.


They mentioned that in 2* 50 W version they use tpa3116, but there is not information about 100W version.


as far as I understood to get the subwoofer channel, I need to combine 2 stereo channels into one mono channel, thereby physically I will get more power. I have two questions about Sigma Studio


1) can I combine two channels into one for a subwoofer inside Sigma Studio, process it with filters and output this signal only to one output ?(so the second one I can use for another purpose)


2) in case I do not have enough power from one amplifier channel and I have to unite physically the stereo in mono to increase the power, in this case what should be the settings of the Sigma Studio for these two channels? Completely identical? ( I need to filter the signal) or will there be a conflict in the physical linking of channels and filtering will not work correctly? How to set up a sigma studio in this case?


How can I be in this situation?


Just wanted to know if a good choice is to use ADAU 1701? This is a powerful chip, with it there is no problem? I need to use it for two-way sound system


And what you can say about this amplifiers by Sure Audio with DSP ADAU 1701? It a good realized product?


Thank you!.