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Question about AD7616 DIAGNOSTICS

Question asked by Kazu on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by jcolao

Hi All,


I tried to convert the diagnostic channel Vcc but the output codes were much different from those shown in Figure 66.

My test results are as follows.

 Vcc=4.5V --> 14950,  Vcc=4.8V --> 16351,  Vcc=5.0V --> 17205,  Vcc=5.2V --> 18097,  Vcc=5.5V --> 19520

Codes (test results) increasing approximately linearly but they are much lower than those shown in Figure 66.

What would be the cause of this issue?

(Test condition: throughput rate=700sps, using the inetrnal reference=4.096V, Vcc=5V)


The A/D conversion using the 16 analog inputs, VxA and VxB, works normally, the conversion using the Vcc does not work well.