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ADXL355 - sometimes locks bus with SDA low

Question asked by AnGo on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by SiliDoug


i'm using the Rev.2 Eval Board, 3V VDD+VDDIO connected, Arduino as I2C Master, Bus Clock lowered to ca. 16kHz,
Init as Fast Mode, 2g Range, Address 0x53, Reading of values is without Problems.
Sometimes the bus locks with SDA in LOW State when reading 3 values per second, before adding this sensor there where no such locks.
Sending one SCL clock releases the lock, what could be done to prevent these locks?


On the same bus are connected BMP085, LSM9DS0 and HIH9131, only BMP085 and ADXL355 are active in reading values.

Thank you very much