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Does ADV7441A have hidden registgers?

Question asked by hossein57 on Mar 10, 2018
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I have a custom board which contains ADV7441A chip on it with analog and HDMI ports and parallel 8-bit and 10-bit output bus for both SD and HD video. I was looking for a set of registers to configure HDMI as input video and route the decoded video to parallel output for an MPEG encoder engine. I initialized mentioned registers in the Register Settings Recommendation manual but it didn't work. Then I decided to find some sets of registers which are programmed on Evaluation board. I found those support files for evaluation board: ADV7441A_ADV7441A@_ADV7441AVDP_ADV7441AHDMI_ADV7341-VER.MB3.0 However, I see there are some other registers which are being initialized that they're not mentioned in the datasheet. for example Register Map of address 0x50 or 0x72 I would really appreciate if some staff members can give me enough information.

Besides, I don't see those special settings which really fits my application in the mentioned file!. I need to know the content of those register as well.


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