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Powering EVAL-ADF5355 with 12V instead of 6V

Question asked by Joep on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by AIlustrisimo

Hi all,


I am integrating the evaluation board of the ADF5355 synthesizer into an existing RF system. In the RF system my power supplies availability is limited to 5V and 12V, the ADF5355-eval board however prefers a 6V supply. Looking for a matching solution here:

After inspecting the eval board circuit layout, see attached screenshot, with its on board regulators (ADM7150), I think that the 12V supply could work. The regulators can handle the 12V. The only component I can see that does not agree is the the Zener Diode (ZD1), which would have to be replaced. This would be an easy fix. Or am I missing some power supply requirements?


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