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ad5623: use of input register vs. DAC register

Question asked by Bennertz on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Bennertz

Dear all,


I am using the AD5623 with pin LDACn tied to GND. According to the data sheet, all writing to input registers results in immediate action on the output pin. Correct?


Using this setup, I do not understand, what the intended use of the commands

  • "000" - write to input register n
  • "001" - update DAC register n
  • "010" - write to input register n, update all
  • "011" - write to and update DAC channel n

is. Well, basically the question should be "Does it make a difference, whether I write to input register n or to DAC register n? What should I use?"


I cant quite understand the issue from reading the data sheet. Thanks for any help.


By the way: Is there an established channel to report minor errors in data sheets? Posting them here does not seem ideal to me, because it creates noise for all others.


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