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ADAU1701 ADC mute EQ

Question asked by Cristian77 on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by DaveThib

Hi all! I'm new in community and I'm designing a new board using ADAU1701 in self boot mode with E2 no uC saving cost.


I've some questions or better some doubts with Sigma Studio.


1) Sending in ADC an ntc for temperature measurement near heatsink from 0 to 3V, it's possible to reduce gain/out volume progressively and after a threshold turnig on a gpio as pwm to drive a buffer for a fan?


Example: ADC <1.5V no gain reduction pwm off. ADC >1.5V no gain limit and pwm on 0.25 duty. ADC >2.0V gain limit -1.5dB or -3dB and pwm on 0.5 duty. ADC >2.5V DAC in mute and pwm duty 0.75 or DC. Here in the last, I would to like to turn on another gpio for standby function circuit on a board, it will be possible?


2) Using only one push button on a gpio for 4 mode EQ with mux/demux, it's possible to use only 2 gpio for leds saving others 2 gpio for other purpose?


Example: EQ1: led1 and led2 are both off. EQ2: led1 on led2 off. EQ3: led1 off led2 on. EQ4: both led on.


I would like to make the most of ADAU1701 without using micro controller.


Thanks in advance