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ADAU1462 data memory size

Question asked by SAM1 on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by SAM1


According to the datasheet for the ADAU1462, the data memory size is 48kWords.


However, according to the compiler output window in Sigma Studio 3.17:

ADAU1452 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 8192 (OK)

ADAU1462 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 16384 (DM same as ADAU1452)

ADAU1466 - DM0: 40960, DM1:40960, PM: 24576 (OK)


According to the resources window, the ADAU1462 MaxProgramMemory is 24576 (this also seems to be an error).


We will be using the ADAU1462 in such a way that the DM requirements will be a bit greater than the capacity of the ADAU1452 (large FIR filters). I haven't actually tried compiling a program for the ADAU1462 that uses more DM than the ADAU1452 has but I am afraid that the compiler will give me an error when I do try it.


Is the datasheet correct?


Thank you.