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Eval board AD9172 as DDS system with external UPDATE

Question asked by expjtt on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by landsman

We plan to use the AD9172 in our system but for now we are looking for a way to rapidly test the system. It should act as:

  • DDS system up to 3 GHz synthesized frequency; the frequency to be synthesized should be changed every ~200ns in a "low speed" way (that means: the input should be the frequency word via some CMOS/LVDS line, not high samples via JESD etc)
  • Two output channels (I and Q) with individual phase/amplitude control for I/Q mismatch calibration
  • The DDS system should listen to an UPDATE signal (issued every ~200ns) exactly at which the frequency output should change.

Actually, the complete system should act like the AD9958 but with synthesized frequency up to 3 GHz rather than 250 MHz.


The AD9172+FPGA satisfies these conditions but it takes man-years to build that from scratch. I am wondering if the evaluation boards (EVAL-AD9172, ADS7-V2EBZ, AD-HSDACFX3-EBZ) can be easily used to test this kind of setup.

Yes, the EVAL-AD9172 can be hooked up to an FPGA board directly with the FMC connector but again - it takes man-months/years to get it up and running.

For evaluation, I could even think storing test vectors of certain frequencies to be synthesized in some big RAM of ADS7-V2EBZ. However, the crucial part is synchronization with the (external) UPDATE signal.


Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks!