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generate customer BOOT.bin for TES software

Question asked by rosy2cloud on Mar 8, 2018
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      I am using AD9375 on zc706,and the TES software works I want to regenerate BOOT.bin which with modified fpga design,just inserted customer IP between util_ad9371_tx_upack and axi_ad9371_core in PL,while  I hope TES GUI will work as usual.

      the original AD9375 fpga reference design are download from analog wiki website, by command in  tcl file

"\hdl-master\projects\adrv9371x\zc706\system_project.tcl",regenerated system.bit.I also got zynq_fsbl_0.elf and u-boot-zc70x.elf for BOOT.bin,but there is no PS code developed by SDK,I am not sure whether I'm thinking right or not.

suppose the idea is correct, can ADI provide source code in SDK?