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(ADV748x)About KSVs

Question asked by donadona999s on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by donadona999s

Hi !


I have few questions about aDV748x.


Question 1)

At the hardware manual P136, this is written.

"The ADV748x supports up to 25 KSVs (0 through to 24). The complete set of bytes is listed in Table 47. Each KSV is 40 bits long and the first KSV starts at address 0x80"

So I think this means we have to set 5byte * 25 KSV = 125byte to ADV748x.

But at Table 47, it says ADV748x have 128 byte.

Is it OK if we don't use ksv_byte125 to 127?


Question 2)

We want to know ksv_byte MSB and LSB.

Does Table 47 means 

  • ksv_byte0 => 1st to 8th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte1 => 9th to 16th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte2 => 17th to 24th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte3 => 25th to 32th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte4 => 33th to 40th lines of KSV

Or does it means

  • ksv_byte0 => 33th to 40th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte1 => 25th to 32th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte2 => 17th to 24th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte3 => 9th to 16th lines of KSV
  • ksv_byte4 => 1st to 8th lines of KSV

Which is correct?

Best regards