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How to get the raw data by using ADI products?

Question asked by weimin023 on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Redant

Our lab bought the products bellow:


I'd like to know:
1)How to get the streaming data from the USB port of SDP-B?

2)I am intending to connect the ADAR7251 to EVAL-MMIC-2 through SDP-B to provide live data in MATLAB or Python. Is there any toolbox, package or offical software I need?(like: data acquisition toolbox.)

Or I can only Labview(write by myself) to get the streaming data?



Actually I have the similar problem like this.

RADAR connection through Labview. ADAR7251+ MMIC+SDP-B 

The difference is I want to analysing the raw data by using Matlab.



Thanks a lot.