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Fast AGC settling time

Question asked by s.kannan on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by s.kannan

I'm testing fast AGC in AD9364 on CPFSK waveform and I disabled low power check(state 2A),and I also cleared the 15C[D6]. But for few frames, I'm seeing the AGC settled to a less gain for quite a time(around 200us) and after that it settled to a proper gain. I don't understand what is causing this issue?

My path rate is:

BBPLL: 1105.918 ADC: 34.560 R2:11.520  R1: 5.760 RF: 2.880 RXSAMP:0.720(all are in MHz)


The signal bandwidth is 100KHz which makes the period to (1/100KHz=)10us(considering 100KHz as the high frequency component in the band) and the RFCLK is 2.880Msps. With these information,I thought 28 samples will be enough to measure power, but I choose 5*28=140 samples for power measurement in state 5. Still I don't know, what is causing the wrong settlement of AGC.