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About DAQ with labview(ad9613 + HSC-ADC-EVAlCZ)

Question asked by Kimtaehyung on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Kimtaehyung

Hi, I'm making Labview program for DAQ ad9613(HSC_ADC_EVALCZ).


But I have a problem with some problems. (input : RAMP 2.4MHZ, clock freq : 25MHZ sine)


1. I changed output format (0x14) to twos complement to offset binary.



I did even column * 256 and plus with odd column( I referenced the matlab sample from forum).


But when I do the daq with Visual Analog, the clear ramp wave comes out. So I tried to find the problem,


the data



comes out like this. The problem is even column all comes out FF(255). I need some advice for this.


2. When I tried to do channel select(SpiWrite(x05,x01)), I think it doesn't effect to the daq. Whatever I change the number for channel A,B, the same data comes out.


Does HSC-ADC-EVAlCZ or ad9613 doesn't need to change channel memory?


3. When I read the AD9613 Datasheet Memory map, there is no Digital Reset. So In first trial,  I didn't do the Digital Reset(0x08,0x03). But, when I didn't do that, the spiwrite for output channel doesn't work.


Is this Datasheet error? or is there the special meaning reserved?



4. Do I need to do spiwrite(0x0D,0x06)? I actually don't understand about the testmode now(+ the ITU and the equation for PN short and PN long)