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SSM3582 TDM signal conditioning

Question asked by MarcvE on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by galvinpjg

Dear sir or madam,


I have a question regarding the TDM signal conditioning for the SSM3582. I am running the amplifier with FSYNC = 8 kHz, so BCLK = 256 * FSYNC = 2,048 MHz. This means I have to transfer four TDM channels each with left / right data every FSYNC cycle. Is the left-justified option possible when running the chip in TDM mode? The datasheet says:

datasheet extract page 26

So I would expect that left-justified mode is not possible when using TDM signals. Then this seems to be a reasonable explanation why the right output of the the amplifier only has half the amplitude of the left output in my current case. 


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