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AD9364 probe deferral and aux_ADC issue

Question asked by mmilosavljevic on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by mmilosavljevic

Dear AD Team and  Dear All,


We have many remote transceivers that have AD9364 RFIC and currently getting some readings from one of them that I was hoping you can help me interpret what they mean since the AD9364 stoped working.


Reading out the dmesg output I get the following (btw this is all from AD9364 that was available in dmesg and I didnt see anything else that is relevant to this problem):

Feb 21 12:58:23 localhost kernel: platform Driver cf_axi_adc requests probe deferral
Feb 21 12:58:23 localhost kernel: ad9361 spi1.0: ad9361_probe : enter
Feb 21 12:58:23 localhost kernel: ad9361 spi1.0: ad9361_probe : AD9361 Rev 2 successfully initialized
Feb 21 12:58:23 localhost kernel: cf_axi_dds Analog Devices CF_AXI_DDS_DDS MASTER (8.00.b) at 0x79024000 mapped to 0xf00c2000, probed DDS AD9364

As you can see from above there is a message saying that the probe deferred. Usually I have seen this when calibration fails but you can see from above that every other steps afterwards passed (and this is btw same all the time through every power cycle). Did something else fail silently somewhere?


Also, maybe it is related to the above, the readings I get from the aux_ADC on AD9364 shows that the raw value from below is all the time zero.

root:/sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device1> grep “” in_voltage2_* in_voltage2_offset:57 in_voltage2_raw:0 in_voltage2_scale:0.305250

And we have an output from one of our amplifiers sensors connected to this ADC. The amplifier is working fine so the raw value should not be zero. Other AD9364 are reading the correct values here apart from this one. Is that somehow related to the probe deferral thing described above or this is something completely unrelated?


Is there any other useful internal info I could get from AD9364? e.g. any other AD9364 registers I could read to help debugging this. Btw, it is confirmed that there is no RF output coming from the RFIC (unfortunately it is technically impossible to check the actual spectrum output from the RFIC as they are remote and not physically accessible)


Any comments will be highly appreciated.


Many thanks,


Kind Regards