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Have problems to read ADM1278 READ_PIN registers

Question asked by Kencheng on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Sal.Afzal

Hi ADI experts

I have a customer who is using ADM1278 for hot swap controller has a problem to read READ_PIN register(address:0x97) by BMC controller through PMBUS,

somtimes they can get a correct value for PIN but somtimes they don't and get just 0

Please see the below pictures for this problem.

I have discussed with the customer and they are very certain that they read the correct bits of READ_PIN register

also, they used continuously average reading mode for the PIN value (power monitor configuration register (address:0xD4) set to 0x071E)


any comment and suggestion would be appreciate.


thank you

best regards



1) "[REG %d]" is raw data.

2) "HSC Input Power = [%.3f] W" is converted input.