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what reasons caused the distorted wave

Question asked by xiaoquan on Mar 6, 2018
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I am confused in following question.

When I use the reference design  provided by ADI in github I get the no-OS platform for AD9361, and I set the dds_data_select equal to DATA_SEL_DDS for all transmit channels. I get the wave at TX1A as follows,

then I zoom in the wave (tx_lo_freq  = 2.4Ghz), which is shown in following,

now I chang tx_lo_freq equal to 500MHz, the wave is distorted.

and I make tx_lo_freq equal to 5GHz, the wave is shown following,

The baseband signal is not changed, and I only change tx_lo_freq, also I find there is no filter afer ATTN in blue block diagram. What reasons caused the distorted wave?



xiao quan