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HMC980 with two HMC1082

Question asked by Se-woong on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by ivansoc



My customer want to use  2 HMC1082LP4E with HMC980LP4E , but they don't have enough board size.

So they want to use 1 HMC980LP4E supporting 2 HMC1082LP4E.


Q1) About a design concept with 1 HMC980LP4E supporting 2 HMC1082LP4E

       1-1. Is below conceptual design possible ?

       1-2. Would you suggest your opinions about below design?

              ( Problems,Concerns, Risks, Compensations methods and etc)

       1-3. If below design is possible, would you advise how to configure values of circuit design?



Please advise me.