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ADAU1452 eval case study (i2c to spdif conversion for external DA conversion)

Question asked by WPF on Mar 6, 2018

Hi everyone, 


I have a question regarding the feasibility of a setup including an ADAU1452 eval board as shown in the drawing below. The application is an active multichannel monitor for which I don't want to use the integrated audio codec of the eval board, but a studio grade DA converter which is able to run at higher fs than 48k. In the first eval board crossovers and other filters for the main L/R system are calculated, while in the second the subwoofer processing is performed. 



Will there be any clocking issues? (The clock master / DAC would have word clock outputs as well).

Do you spot a major design flaw or have a better idea to integrate an external DAC? 

Can the board based on WM8805 (i2c to spdif coax) be integrated as I wish to? I found it on eBay but did not buy or test it yet. 


Any help is much appreciated. 



adau1452 i2c to spdif da conversion