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VDK_GetLastThreadError returns large negative values (-2147483638, then -2147483639 ...)

Question asked by xfrmrs on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by xfrmrs


The code has several threads which are often executing the (thread name)_ErrorFunction.  I am looking to determine what is happening when this occurs and am 1) not clear what this return value represents and 2) unable to find the enumeration which maps the values to a description. 


I have found the descriptions in the VDK manual, but it is unclear (large negative return values aside), without writing a switch/case for the enumerations in the manual, how to tell what the return values represent.


Is there a better/easier way to distinguish what the values represent than to write a switch/case tree to test for each?


Part of the issue is that the code hangs when I compile with fully instrumented VDK libs, so I cannot use VDK_GetHistory() to help with the debugging.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.