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AD9162 start-up sequence

Question asked by ilanl on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by saberbf


I have 2 questions regarding AD9162 start-up operation.

We have AD9162 in our board connected to FPGA and to Synthesizer.

1. DLL unlocked.

I followed the power-up sequence procedure in the DAC data-sheet (table 43).

I used manual start-up sequence and also ADI application. both with same DLL results. 

I read register 0x92 (DLL_STATUS) and get 0x0. (DLL_FAIL=DLL_LOST=DLL_LOCKED=0).

2. DC test mode.

I activated DC test mode in ADI application. choose frequency and amplitude.

I watch the signal at the output with a spectrum analyzer and see the correct frequency but with a very low

power (-60 dbm).

Please advise.