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How to get Impulse/KWh from ADE7757

Question asked by njmehta11 on Mar 5, 2018
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We are using ADE7757 for energy meter reading. So we are taking CF pulse output from CF pulse pin(pin no.14) for energy meter calculation. But when we go for energy meter calibration than single phase calibrator need impulse/KWh input.

As per datasheet energy meter constant is 1600 impulse/KWh so We set 1600 impulse/Kwh in single phase calibrator but calibrator show 100% error, we also set 3200 impulse/KWh but no result.

Then we connect LED to F1 pin (pin no.16) but LED continuous remain ON with all conditions like with load , without load and by changing its mode.

So how we can get impulse/Kwh output from ADE7757 IC. 



Thank you.