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ADSP-21261 TDM Codec interfacing

Question asked by fbalk on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2011 by Mitesh


I have a custom board with a ADSP-21261 DSP. SPORT01 is connected to A PCM3168 codec, which is configurated as  Master.

24 bit, sampling frequency = 48KHz, BCLK is set to 256*48KHz, FS is generated every 1/48KHz with 50% duty.

I want to use a 8 Channel duplex TDM signal, since the codec supports 6 in and 8 outs.

My current status:

- SRU is set up

- PGC is set as system clock for the codec

- SPCTL0,1 set to SLEN24 and FSR

- SPMCTL01 is set to NCH7, MCEA

- SIG_SP1 interrupt is set and get triggered


First i want to get core driven mode running, what do I have to do in the interrupt? Where are the channelinformation in TXSP0A, RXSP1A?




Where can I get information or examples describing this art of setup?