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EVB User guide for ADM106x power sequencers and eval boards

Question asked by qwerty on Feb 24, 2018
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Hey, I'm back with another (vaguely related) question about the ADM106x Eval Board !


The EVB user guide (UG-063) says "An additional on-board two-way, push-pull/open-drain switch,

S3, can be used by the user to emulate digital inputs, if required."


I don't see is any guidance on how to do this properly, so want to confirm I have it right.


There's the dual on/off switch, S3, connected to a pair of 2-pin headers, X49 and X32. If I wanted

to emulate a digital input at one of the VX inputs, I think I'd need to take the following 3 steps:


- disconnect the relevant LDO output from the relevant VX input pin. For example, to

   emulate a digital input on VX1, I'd need to remove jumper J4 altogether.


- mount a 2-pin jumper on X49 (or on X32) to make it push-pull: 0 or 3.3 Volts, depending

  on whether switch S3 is on or off.  Or else leave the jumper off to make it open-drain.


- making use of the info in Table 5 "Patching Through-Hole Connection Points", connect the signal

  at X49 (or X32) to the VX1 input pin, which then can be either 0 or 3.3 Volts.  I didn't see a pin header

  at X49, although there's one next to the VX1 pin. So once I locate the X49 though hole, I can solder a

  wire as opposed to using a patch cable. 



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