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Creating ADV7280 device node independently

Question asked by abhinav004 on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by abhinav004


I am trying to interface ADV7280 with Zynq 7020. I have used the adv7180.c driver along with IIC. Configured adv7280 as i2c device-node with reg 0x21. I am able to detect the chip(from the kernel log).


My requirement is to use ADV7280 independent of any Camera platform. The camera is configured independently and not by the processor. In the v4l2 framework, I found that a separate device node can be created for v4l-subdev but guess it can only be done if there exists a corresponding v4l2-device(bridge driver). Since ADV7280 falls in v4l2-subdev category, is it possible to control it directly in userspace with a separate device node without using  v4l2-device? 


Thank you.