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xFVARHR is always nul on ADE7880

Question asked by daghfous on Feb 28, 2018
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I have a code that works correctly on the ADE7878A. And based on the document AN-1127, I made the necessary modifications, but I was blocked at the calibration.

All calibration are made correctly except the xPHCAL. When I try to read the xFVARHR registers, I have always "0" whatever the phase set.


Please, any help?


I have another questions regarding the phase error equation, since we haven't the register xVARHR, can I use the xFWATTHR and xFVARHR instead of xWATTHR and xVARHR? And shall I change the oreder of the numerator to AFVARHR cos(phi) - AFWATTHR sin(phi) as said hmani?