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Crossover Coefficients ADAU1452 with Microprocessor

Question asked by emcnicholas on Feb 28, 2018
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I am implementing a configurable DSP architecture using the ADAU1452 and loading and controlling the device from Linux.  I have worked out most of the required blocks and calculations and am writing a C++ library for controlling the device.  I was looking at adding a user configurable crossover block using the 3 way crossover block and only using the mids output to give a configurable highpass and lowpass block.  I want the user to be able to select the filter type and order in real time but in looking at the DSP block it appears that the 12db and 18db cascade a 1st order block that only has 3 coefficients rather than 4.  Would it be acceptable to select the highest order filter when compiling the schematic and then putting 0 in the A2 and B2 slot to get the 1st order block to say get a Linkwitz-Riley 12db low pass using the s 2sets of 48db coefficients. 


ex FS = 48000 f0 = 1000 Linkwitz-Riley 12db High Pass 2 sets of same coefficients

B0 = .938488

B1 = -.93849

B2 = 0

A1 = -.87698

A2 = 0