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adrf6755 sideband rejection and lo leakage problem

Question asked by azita on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by LKelly


i have tested the evaluation borad of ADRF6755 with a set up bench so i first power up the board and gave the for differental inputs(I,Q) of adrf6755 with 4 differential  voltages with a dc offset of .5 volt and then i ran the software and got the results but there are serious problem that i can not solve them:FIRST:i soldered to 100 ohm resistor for 4 inputs of adrf 6755 and then powered it up. when i do not insert any 4 inputs and run the software , i see the lo leakage about -35 dbm but in the datasheet is -45dmc and this maintain constant even the inputs voltages arises.the second problem is where i insert 4 deferential 90 degree phase difference inputs , in this situation the output frequency is  1G with the power of -7dbm and i see the lo at output is -35 dbm and the sideband rejection is -45dbm so i think it is very bad for this modulator with these outputs.could anybody help me about that? best regards