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Support for 120MHz IQ rate

Question asked by filabrasil on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by larsc

Hi, based on the user guide (UG-992), it should be possible to operate the AD9528 at a 120MHz device clock using a 122.88MHz VCOX. But somehow it is not supported by the filter wizard. It says  "no possible device clocks can be generated with the current VCOX rate".


However from UG-992 (page 286), I could set

VCXO = 122.88MHz R1 divider = 16 M1 divider = 4 N2 divider = 125 chDIV = 8

to obtain
VCO Frequency =  3840MHz (within 3450 MHz to 4025 MHz.)
DEVCLK Frequency= 120MHz

Is there anything that I missed?