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Query about AD9371 JESD204B interface

Question asked by jhshin on Feb 28, 2018
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My customer has some questions about AD9371 JESD204B as below.



     /*****            Enable SYSREF to Mykonos and BBIC             *****/
     /*** < Action: Sends SYSREF Here > ***/
     /*** < Info: Mykonos is actively transmitting CGS from the RxFramer> ***/
     /*** < Info: Mykonos is actively transmitting CGS from the ObsRxFramer> ***/
     /*** < Action: Insert User: BBIC JESD Sync Verification Code Here > ***/
    1-1 If the customer uses one shot mode for SYSREF signal, how many times should the user send the SYSREF signal in the above procedure ?
    1.2 Is there any difference between Altera or Xilinx ?
2. In the JESD bring up procedure, the user should check Mykonos Framer/Deframer status.
    2-1 The customer has read 0x3E for the framer and 0x68 for the deframer. is it normal ?
    2-2 The customer occasionally read 0x61 for the deframer and in this case the deframer failed to connect to FPGA.
           Please advise what causes the symptom.
 3. If the user finds an error in the framer or deframer, is there a procedure to retry to connect without full initialization of AD9371 ?
Thanks in advance.