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USB FSS adi_dev_Write()

Question asked by dmann on Nov 30, 2011
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I am using the FSS on a mounted USB memory stick. The application is to write incoming audio data to an file opened on the USB memory stick. Currently I have a chained loopback 1D buffer for the incoming audio data. Once a buffer is completed, I want to write it to the opened file on the memory stick. I know how to do this using the FSS API call  adi_fss_FileWrite(), but would prefer to let the DMA manager handle this write and get a callback when the write to the memory stick is complete.


I would imagine this would involve setting up an ADI 1D Buffer and providing the buffer using the adi_dev_Write() call with the Handle to the opened USB/FSS driver. Can someone help with the setup of the client handle that would accomplish this? I'm guessing there would be some control message like:




Can someone provide more info on what changes are necessary to provide outbound buffers to the FSS USB driver.