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Question asked by Schamman on Nov 30, 2011

Hi !


According to the example . $VDSP\Blackfin\ldr\init_code\c\ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite - Multi-DXE

I hope to switch my DXE(DXE1,DXE2)  by GPIO state(PB8).


The problem is where should I insert the "GPIO state check" code?


I try to insert the code before "SPIboot code" as below, but failed to work.  it seems that the core can't be interrupt by GPIO.

Although the "GPIO state check" code work well in other application project.

    if ( (*pSYSCR & BMODE) == BMODE_SPIMEM  )


        *pSIC_IWR0 |= IRQ_DMA4;
        sdSpiAddress = bfrom_SpiBoot

          |BFLAG_FASTREA|BFLAG_HOOK|BFLAG_TYPE3,-4,SpiHook); /* With Hook Routine */
        pBS->pSource = (void*) sdSpiAddress;

The same problem happened to "BF533 Ez Kit Multiple DXE Boot" example which provided by ADI "EE240v4 note"

the PC run to JUMP 0, PB8,PB9 can't interrupt the core.


I am  Waiting for help , Thank you!