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ADuM1250  Rising edge

Question asked by Terumasa on Feb 26, 2018
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Our customer will use ADuM1250.

When he evaluates ADuM1250, input signal SCL1  is 400KHz pulse from  controller.

But,  its waveform is strange in  measurement result.

The waveform of output SCL2 shows long rising time.

(please refer to attachment)

When he   measured  the output  pulse of 400Khz from controller without ADuM1250 ,

he looked the normal waveform of 400KHz pulse .

Why is this appeared and how should we modify for avoiding this ?


VDD1:3.3V  Pull-up: 2.2Kohm

VDD2:3.3V  Pull-up:4.7Kohm


 If needed , I will send raw data of waveform and circuit design.

(Could you teach me your E-mail address because these data are customer's data ?)