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AD-FMCADC2 basic questions

Question asked by rlaghlfh on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by andrei_g

Hi, I have purchased AD-FMCADC2-EBZ board and JESD204B license.

I'm going to use it with Xilinx's VC707 because it is one of supported carriers.


Since I'm a beginner in this field, I have a few basic questions.


ADI AD-FMCADC2-EBZ Boards & Xilinx Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki]  

at first I tried to use the above page. I think 'Quick Start Guide' is not still available.

In the No-OS software section, there's 'AD-FMCADC2-EBZ main driver' but it's not available now.

I think the link should be replaced with IT. am I right? and So do the 2nd,5th,6th links (platform, jesd drivers).


And here is the question..

this page says, 'The no-OS software contains a quick demonstration of the programming, RF conversion and data capture.'

This is exactly what I want to do. I want to monitor the signal using ILA.

Then I think I need to use the no-OS software. But I could't find any guidelines explaining how to use it.
Do I have to download all drivers in the no-OS software section? Is there any guide page for No-OS software?


Actually, the meaning of 'no-OS' is still confusing to me. When I followed this link to build HDL from here, I could make 'hdf' file. And I could see a Microblaze processor if I open the Vivado project file(.xpr) made. 

Then is it different from no-OS software since there 'IS' an OS?




AD-FMCADC2-EBZ FMC Board [Analog Devices Wiki] 

This is another guide page for FMCADC2. It has 'Linux' section. and this link (Linux on the VC707)

I'm using Windows 10. Do I need to switch my OS? Is it okay to use Cygwin instead?


In this page, there is 'Microblaze Quick Start Guide' which seems to be an opposite version of no-OS software.

I want to know the difference between this and this.  Which one is more recommendable for me?

I even wonder whether I understand the concept..


Thanks in advance.
Sorry for many questions.