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Question asked by eli_az on Feb 26, 2018
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I am using the AD5116 rheostat in my application and I have a problem related to parameter shift over temperature that is greater then the typical values given in the DS.


I started with a room temperature (25C) and set W to be 50%, I raised the temperature up to 125C and the W set got down to about 33% and when I set the temperature back to 25C it got back to 50% (W).

I tried the same experiment with negative temperatures, I lowered the temperature to -40C and the W remained at about 50% (Within the given margin in the DS).


The problem is that the devices (3 that I checked) does not behave according to the given data in the DS (as far as parametric shift over temperature).


Have you experiences such problems with this device?


Thank you, Eli.