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AD9545 : Updating FIL/DRAIN lock rate

Question asked by ysuzuki on Feb 25, 2018



Thank you for supporting every time.

I was asking about updating the fil rate and drain rate in other question.

Now I post as a new question.

Could you please give me the answer ?


Our custormer is going to use AD9545 with 1PPS from GPS rx.

This needs about two minutes to achieve FLD and PLD with default fil/frain lock rate.

Then he wants to shorten the lock time by setting the fil/drain rate from 10(0xA) to 100(0x64).

But the step of lock detector, which is indicated on ACE GUI, does not change to "100".

I set 100(0x64) to register 0x0803/0x0804/0x0808/0x0809, but this could not change the step of lock detector.

Do I need more settings to change the lock rate ?


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