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Optimizing DSP wakeup time

Question asked by AviMagos on Nov 30, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2011 by PrasanthR



I'm working with Blackfin 516F.


I'm trying to optimize wakeup time when exiting hibernate state.


So far I have utilized the quickboot option successfully in order to  prevent re-loading of data from the flash to the DRAM, since DRAM is held in self-refresh mode during hibernate,


However the DSP still requires quite a lot of tim(~76 ms) to load L1 data and code memory from the flash.

Instead I want to further customize the boot procedure such that the L1 memory will be stored to DRAM prior to hibernate entry,

and then reloaded upon exit using DMA,..


I can think of several alternatives to do this, the best of which is to add DMA instructions in the initcode that will restore the saved data from DRAM back to the L1 memory, and use the "quickboot" flag for all L1 memory. This requires some special handling for the L1 region in which the initcode itslef resides and seems a bit dangerous to me.


Is there any other way this can be done? Can I run the init code directly from DRAM for example?

Has anyone done such a thing in the past?



Amit & Avi