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RX P1dB in rx gain index 0?

Question asked by little_fish@rf on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by little_fish@rf

Dear sir,

            what is the RX p1dB in rx gain index 0, i can see IIP3 range 20 to 76 and translate to P1dB curve, but still exclude range 0 to 19;

            i experiment rx gain index 0, when i input a Fo+500K@0dBm single tone, the harmonic spur is great according to FFT below; but the 0x2b8 peak detector register read back value is 0x00 which indicated null is overload!


                                                                                       Fo+500K@0dBm FFT

           if i reduce the power to -10dBm, the harmonic will decrease obviously.

                                                                                    Fo+500K@-10dBm FFT

          so it mean that the P1dB in rx gain index 0 is about -10dBm? it seem strange.