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Custom board with 8 ad9361 slots

Question asked by ENGINEER on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by ENGINEER

Hi ADI Team,


infra: - custom board with 8 rf slots.


1. I have a working xilinx yocto + 1rf card project modified to suit the custom board.

2. I plan to expand the hdlproject +Linux to rest 7 slots.


here is what i plan to do.


HDL/block design changes:-

1. in the existing design [which i took from fmcomms2] , i plan to add/replicate axi_ad9361, axi_ad9361_adc, axi_ad9361_dac and others for rest of 7 slots.

dts/linux kernel changes:-

2. each of the ip block is different address mapped and ofcourse string matched to compatible strings like [compatible = "adi,axi-dmac-1.00.a";,compatible = "adi,axi-ad9361-6.00.a",adi,axi-ad9361-dds-6.00.a].


questions on above

1. Do you have any example reference code for atleast 2/3/4 slots?

2. So the Linux DMA drivers are capable of handling multiple dac_dma adc_dma blocks?

3. And also ADI specific Linux drivers can handle multiple cf_ad9361_adc_core_0 and cf_ad9361_dac_core_0 string matched to compatible "adi,axi-ad9361-6.00.a" and  "adi,axi-ad9361-dds-6.00.a"?

4. Do you forsee any clashes/restrictions in Linux or hdl project?