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AD9361 RX measures repeatability after reboot

Question asked by lukronos on Feb 22, 2018
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I work with ad9361. I used it in my home made board, in FDD and MGC mode. I use an oscillator for the reference clock signal and I measure the signal from an external source.


I use the API from Analog Devices with some little customization in order to work with my application.


When I do some measures successively, the RX ports show the same result each time (+/- noises), I can deal with it. The problem is when I restart the ad9361 (by software in calling the ad9361_init function or in hardware in turning on/off), the measures are different than before restrarting (it is not a very big difference, but it is greater than noises).


The customable parameters are not modified between before and after restarting.


My questions are : what is the cause of this change of measure after calling the ad9361_init function? Do you know how can I solve this?