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DM0 and DM1 after reset in ADAU1450

Question asked by Reini on Feb 22, 2018
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Hi all,

A while ago, I posted a question about the state of the RAM registers in the ADAU1450 after reset: DM0 and DM1 RAM content after RESET ADAU1450 

Dave responded that RAM is initialized just before the core starts running. That's what I found later also in the datasheet (i overlooked it at first...). But I don't think that both are correct.

I use a microcontroller to program the ADAU1450 via an I2C bus. I use the output xml file, generated by SigmaStudio and write all registers mentioned in that xml file. But for DM0 and DM1 I do it a little different. Because I use a lot of RAM for delay, that registers are all filled with zero's. And, according to the answers I got, I do not need to write zero's, so I skipped doing that when programming the DSP.

But after releasing the hibernate state, the DSP is giving strange signals :-) So, to test my theory, I wrote all zero's to DM0 and DM1 in the range SigmaStudio wrote in the xml outputfile and then I write the non zero values. With that sequence, the DSP is working fine.... So my conclusion is that RAM isn't initialized, or at least not at the time I expect.

Maybe someone can shine some light here? That would be appreciated :-) My program is running fine now, but I could speed up the bootprocess when omitting writing the zero's to DM0 and DM1 at startup (I2C isn't very fast...). OK, I could switch to SPI, but that isn't an option, I use more I2C chips :-)


Addition: I found the following in the datasheet under paragraph "


"Hardware Reset

An active low hardware reset pin (RESET) is available for externally triggering a reset of the device. When this pin is tied to ground, all functional blocks in the device are disabled, and the current consumption decreases dramatically. The amount of current drawn depends on the leakage current of the silicon, which depends greatly on the ambient temperature and the properties of the die. When the RESET pin is connected to IOVDD, all control registers are reset to their power-on default values. The state of the RAM is not guaranteed to be cleared after a reset, so the memory must be manually cleared by the DSP program. The default program generated by SigmaStudio includes code that automatically clears the memory."
Hmm, I was sure I read somewhere else in the same datasheet that RAM is cleared, but I can't find it anymore... So maybe I have to clear the RAM registers myself...

Thanks again for all your input


With kind regards,