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Problem with e2prom self-boot on EVAL-ADAU1777z

Question asked by HonestEffort on Feb 22, 2018
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I am a new user of SigmaStudio and I am trying to boot from the on-board EEPROM. I am following the directions in the AD user guide for this product ( ).


The eval board is date coded 1734 and labeled 101916 Rev. 1. I am using SigmaStudio version 3.16, build 4, rev. 1751, date 12-21-2017. Everything seems to be working in terms of basic functionality and I am using three input ADCs, filtering, mixing, limiting, and outputting sound.


However, when I (attempt) to follow the instructions for self-boot operation, I get no sign of the sound processing functionality. My steps are listed below.


1) Added the E2Prom IC to the USBi interface from the tree toolbox on the Hardware Configuration tab (connected to I2C 0xA0 (160). Right-click E2Prom properties (default values) are I2C protocol, 262144 bits size, 32 byte page size, 100kHz write speed, 2 address bytes.


2) Cleared the E2Prom (using the Clear E2Pro button on the IC 2 WinE2PromLoader Tab). Afterward, the "Read E2Prom To Display) button brings up a screen of all-zeros.


3) Right-click the adau1777 on Config Tab, click "Write latest compilation to E2PROM." A dialog window comes up with the EEPROM Properties (listed above in number 1). Click "OK" to begin write. An "In progress" window pops up with a green progress bar, writes to about address 832 (reaches 100% of the full progress bar length). If I go to "Read E2Prom to Display" I now have lots of non-zero characters on the screen, so something is getting written, evidently.


The SELF-BOOT slide switch has been in the OFF position up to this point.


4) Switch SELF-BOOT slide switch to ON position on the board. The DSP program is still running, putting out processed filtered audio, as the ADAU1777 hasn't been powered down up to this point.


5) Power down (I am doing this by removing USB cable from the EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ board, but I have also tried to use the powerdown jumper J15).


6) Power up (re-plugging the USB) - I get one audio pop, but it is not running the DSP code with filters amplification etc etc. After that, it is quiet (until I switch SELFBOOT back off and press F7 to reload the code over USB).


If I read the E2Prom at this point, it still has the code on it.


Am I just failing to boot from the E2Prom?

Is it possible that the EEPROM isn't getting written with correct data to boot?

From the datasheet for the EEPROM, it looks like it is 32kbit. Do I need to change the default value?


If anyone has gotten self-boot to work, please share the details, including how you power down and back up.


Thank you.