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ADAS1000 RLD Simulation

Question asked by kklokesh on Feb 22, 2018
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 I am trying to simulate RLD Circuit as given in Page 35.

I am simulating. with all SW1 to SW5 swithes ON. and trying to understand its frequency response.

Here's the Circuit i am using  for Simulation.

AC Analysis / AC sweep from 0.1Hz to 10Mhz.





1. As it can be observed the Frequency response maximum is -60db. why is this Frequency response starting negative magnitude. since the Loop gain is high and set with the help of 4Mohms it should be Positive right?

2.  What is the expected Frequency response of the RLD Amplifier?. is there any equation?.

3. Is it possible to explain this circuit?.

As per my understanding Vrld = (Vref- Vin)* Rfb/ Rin + Vref     am i right?.


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