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CN0338 + ADICUP360 + CCES 2.7 hangs up when trying to run.

Question asked by amertz03 on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Brandon
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I am having a very similar issue.  Initially I could not get the ADICUP360 with the EVAL-CN0338 board to communicate with CCES.  I was eventually able to upload a program, however, this process is inconsistent.  Sometime it works and other times it does not.  I do not have this issue with any other of the demo sketches, just the CN0338 one.  I have also tried all of the recommendations listed above and can't get anything to work.  When I was able to successfully load a program onto the board, I wasn't able to get good communication in the terminal software (putty).  It will initiate as it should but when I type "run", or any other command for that matter, it times out.  It give me half of a response and then freezes up.  Any suggestions?