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ADP1755 output voltage drift

Question asked by hahou on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by hahou

Hi all, 

I use ADP1755 to generate the 1.3 V for AD9364. 

Based on the ad_fmcomms3_reva schematic, I design the AD1755 circuit to convert 2.5V to 1.3V as the following.

PS: D1V5 means 2.5 V source voltage.  



For the larger board, everything works correctly. 


However, for the smaller board, the output voltage is 1.5V, not 1.3V without loading. 

I try to change R10 and R8 to 100K and 160K, but the output voltage is still 1.5V 

Please show me clue to solve this problem ?