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LTC4100 and the PEC byte

Question asked by K1MGY on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by K1MGY

We want to use the LTC4100 with a "smart" battery pack.  This pack sends information to the charger controller and the controller should respond appropriately according to the SMBUS "standard".  We were sent to the LTC4100 as our chosen device, from TI, crashes when connected to a smart battery.  We discovered the reason: the Packet Error Correction byte that sits at the end of the smart battery data stream.  PEC was not processed by the TI device, but instead this byte crashed it.

We're worried that the LTC4100 may suffer the same fate, and the reason I'm posting here is that we have received answers that don't quite line up from two different sources on this issue.

Anyone out there with experience in this area?