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FMCOMMS2: Enabling FIR filter sometimes enables BIST PRBS RX injection?

Question asked by hewittc on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by mhennerich



I recently ported the FMCOMMS2 HDL example for ZCU102 to the ZU3EG UltraZed PCIe carrier board. My connected FMCOMMS4 seems to be working well with the design except that sometimes enabling an FIR filter appears to disconnect the RX chain and inject the BIST PRBS instead. I suspect that specifically since manually enabling BIST PRBS "Injection Point RX" in IIO Oscilloscope and then disabling it causes operation to return to normal.


Any suggestions for why this might be happening? I am using the 2017_R1 branch of ADI's Linux 4.9 fork. I have attached a couple of screenshots demonstrating the behavior, plus the relevant systems constraints and device tree.


Once I can get the design working completely, would a pull request for ZU3EG support be welcome?