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Other option for AD5934 based conductivity measurement circuit

Question asked by gennyelectro on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by R.L

Hello, I want to measure the conductivity in water based solutions and be able to compensate it for the temperature. I saw in CN-0349 that you used AD5933 or AD5934 with ADG715 to switch between low and high conductivity and calibration mode. In this application, the complete functionality of this chip is not used as only one frequency is generated and only a simple impedance is measured. I was wondering if you could propose another chip that could perform this kind of measurement. I was looking at the ADuCM350 as it includes internal switches and the internal components seam to be similar. I also took a look at the AD7792 as it is optimized for temperature measurement. As I am using a 2-wire RTD, AIN2+ and AIN2- are available, so I could use them for conductivity...of course I would have to externally generate a waveform since I noticed this chip couldn't. However, my preference goes to one-chip solution to avoid any noise or offset error. Regards, Genny