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AD9371 Transmit Issues with TES software

Question asked by fpga-dev2 on Feb 21, 2018
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I am having issues with transmitting a CW tone using the RadioVerse TES software (version 2.0.68) with TES SD card image for AD9371 dated 11-30-2016. Both of these items were obtained from this page and assumed to be the latest available files. I am using the ADRV9371-W/PCBZ eval board with Xilinx ZC706. When connecting for the first time, I was prompted to update platform files, which i did.


The first issue is that I cannot run TX_QEC calibration. When attempting to program I receive the error shown in the image below. The specific error is ERROR during Mykonos.getInitCalStatus: ERROR:389, MYKONOS_getInitCalStatus() returned an ARM error while getting the init cal status information

TX_QEC Calibration Error


If I program without TX_QEC calibration, the device programs successfully. However, the transmit waveform is very weak. I have a CW tone set at 0 dBFS with 0 dB attenuation, but the output tone is barely above -70 dBm on a signal analyzer. See images below for CW transmit tone and spectrum analyzer

CW Tone TX Data


CW Tone Spectrum Analyzer


If I generate a signal much less than -20 dBFS, I cannot even pick it out of the noise floor. 


I'm not entirely sure if my issues are with the TX_QEC calibration, or something else with the transmitter.